Study: a third of «millennial» is going to buy bitcoin in 2018

The company London Block exchange conducted a study that involved 2000 British. According to the survey, 5% of people over the age of 45 have already made investments in the cryptocurrency, while 11% plan to do so next year. Another 17% is seriously considering investing in a digital currency by the end of 2018.

As reported by British newspaper Independent, in the next year to make investments in the cryptocurrency market plans one-third of the millennial generation (born after 1981).

Millennials choose cryptocurrency

Perhaps Millennials chooses cryptocurrency investments because they feel cheated by the traditional types of investments. The study demonstrated the difference between «view of money to the young generation and their parents, and grandparents who have assets in the form of pensions or property,» says the founder and Director of the company LBX Benjamin Davis (Benajmin Dives).

24% of millennial under the age of 35 years I regret not having made investments in cryptocurrency before.

Despite the fact that the study was conducted in the UK, similar surveys have taken place in other countries and demonstrated similar results. Former Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul (Ron Paul), two weeks ago conducted a survey, according to which 51% of the 43 000 users of social networks prefer bitcoin to gold, US Treasury or us dollars.

Another study, conducted by the Harris Poll (Harris Poll), which was attended by 2000 citizens of the United States, showed that 50% of millennial refers to the bitcoin in a positive way. In addition, compared to older age groups, Millennials are twice as likely are the owners of the cryptocurrency. Managing Director of Blockchain Capital Spence Bogart (Bogart Spence) said that «the survey results reinforce our belief in the vast possibilities stretching in front of the bitcoin».

The new generation does not trust traditional financial services

An expert in the field of cryptocurrencies and researcher at the University of Cambridge, Hillman Garrick (Garrick Hileman) believes that «the millennial generation… not completely trust traditional financial services or the systems in which they operate». Perhaps this is due to the 2008 crisis. Cryptocurrencies offer an alternative system that can operate independently of the centralized financial institutions and digital currency have in this respect a lot of potential.

The attitude of the younger generation differs significantly from the positions Mature. In the survey of London Block exchange 57% of people over 55 said they were not going to buy the digital currency. In the poll, Harris Poll, 92% of people older than 65 years called large banks are more efficient compared to digital currencies.

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