Superjob: 2% of Russians want to be paid in bitcoin

According to the research center portal Superjob, only 2% of Russians would like to get paid in cryptocurrency. The survey was conducted in different regions of Russia among 1.6 thousand people over the age of 18.

«About wanting to get paid in cryptocurrency told 75% of Russians. 8% are ready to it is only part of the salary. 2% of respondents are very positive, ready to switch entirely to a new economy and I agree his entire salary to convert to bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. 5% admitted that don’t know what it is. 10% are unable to decide their positions,» – said in the study.

According to experts, the most loyal to the cryptocurrency audience – young people up to 24 years. At the same time, women more frequently than men admit that they know nothing about cryptocurrency.

Survey respondents familiar with bitcoin, showed that the rate today is monitored by 12%, 75% are not interested in the dynamics of the value of the cryptocurrency, and 13% were undecided. The dynamics of the exchange rate of bitcoin youth is interested in more than the older generation.

Forecasting the value of bitcoin on 1 March 2018, the Russians are predicting the average figure is 12 507$.

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