Swiss Bank Hypothekarbank Lenzburg opened the service cryptocurrency business

Swiss Bank Hypothekarbank Lenzburg with a 150-year history and took the initiative, discarded many financial institutions are starting to open Bank accounts for companies involved with cryptocurrencies and bloccano.

«Hypothekarbank Lenzburg modernizing the business in terms of technology and implements a joint strategy in vintage, so it is important for us to work with the young sector of cryptocurrency and blockchain in Switzerland», – said General Director of the Bank of Marianna, Wilde.

Previously, she reported what she knows about the problems of money laundering associated with this industry. So, before you make a decision on cooperation with other cryptocurrency startups, the Bank examined in detail the possible risks and all aspects of the partnership with the cryptocurrency industry, further informing the Supervisory Authority for the financial market in Switzerland (FINMA),

The head of the Bank said that Hypothekarbank Lenzburg is well suited to the acquisition of new customers. Recently, it was taken only two companies from the industry of cryptocurrency Geissbühler, Weber&Partner AG. Before you become them, they have passed the necessary legal and analytical procedures, since the process of compliance due diligence (Due diligence) should work flawlessly.

In 2017, the management services scriptactive started to offer local Bank Falcon Private Bank. Bank Frick Liechtenstein became the first Bank that offered its customers the services of cold storage of crypto-currencies and direct investments in BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and XRP.

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