Swiss Central Bank sees risks in the creation of crypto-currencies by Central banks

The creation of digital currencies Central banks (CBDC) will pose a threat to financial stability, said a member of the governing Board of the Swiss National Bank (BNS) Andrea Mehler (Andrea Maechler).

She noted the potential of the technology of the blockchain, which will reduce delays, increase efficiency and transparency of the securities settlement and international payments, but warned that the blockchain still does not meet the requirements expected from a system of gross settlement in real time (RTGS) from the point of view of scalability, data security and reliability.

Mehler was critical of the cryptocurrency and noted that they «are not comparable with the money, and very far from them.»

«The Swiss national Bank does not support the creation of digital currency for Central banks. They are not needed to ensure an effective system of cashless retail payments, and it is unlikely to bring any benefits, but will lead to incalculable risks for financial stability,» she said.

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