Swiss Post uses the blockchain for temperature control of supply

The national postal service of Switzerland Swiss Post in collaboration with Modum integrate the blockchain is a solution that allows to monitor temperature fluctuations of transported products.

Company Modum, which headquarters are located in Zurich, is developing sensors that use smart contracts and IoT technologies. It is known that Swiss Post and Modum collaborating since last summer and has already had several successful pilot supply with the temperature control. To date, work is underway on greater integration of recording devices temperature monitoring system of Swiss Post.

Company Modum announced the collaboration with Swiss Post in his Twitter.

«A fully digital and wireless solution for data management based on the technology of the blockchain provides new levels of output and processing of data, which will provide pharmaceutical companies a reliable process of monitoring the condition of the goods and will ensure full legal compliance for auditors,» said the company Modum.

Modum argues that the proposed decision will become essential for pharmaceutical industry thanks to sensors monitoring environmental conditions and the inspection information for compliance with pre-defined requirements.

«Our partnership with Swiss Post is a starting point to demonstrate the effectiveness of our solution compared to the traditional offerings on the market», — said General Director of Modum Simon Desagher (Simon Dössegger)

If successful, this decision will greatly facilitate the work of logistics in the pharmaceutical industry in the new rules that were recently adopted in the EU. According to these rules, pharmaceutical companies during transport of medicines should maintain the temperature within acceptable limits and to provide evidence of this.

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