Taobao prohibits the sale of goods and services based on blockchain

Online platform for the sale of goods Taobao, the Chinese Internet company Alibaba has updated the list of prohibited goods and services, which now includes products and services related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The new rules will come into force after April 17.

Private sellers will not be allowed to offer services of technological development, marketing, preparation of business proposals and other activities related to ICO.

Earlier on the court it was impossible to trade crypto-currencies, mining hardware, as well as to promote training courses for mining cryptocurrency. Now the ban covers any services and products created with the technology of the blockchain.

Referring to the ban ICO people’s Bank of China, Taobao said that shops that violate the new rules, continuing to offer prohibited services will be punished.

It is noteworthy that a variety of services related to ICO, remained active among some shops on Taobao after the ban by the PBoC in the past year, disguised under the guise of proposals «I. CO».



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