Tax office Australia warned about scams, extorting taxes in bitcoins

Australian taxation office (ATO) has issued a warning about fraudsters trying to illegally obtain cryptocurrency citizens under the guise of taxes.

Since the end of last year, criminals have turned to the Australians and was posing as the tax office, arguing that citizens have a tax debt and asked them to pay her in bitcoins. To date, 50 000 Australian dollars (about 39 400 USD) was sent to scammers, according to a press release

ATO warns that citizens should be wary of making «direct payments to third party Bank accounts that require payment via iTunes gift cards or prepaid Visa cards» and also using cryptocurrency. According to the ATO, approved by the Agency payment methods include credit and debit cards, Bank transfers or online payment system BPAY. Cryptocurrencies are not included in this list.

Assistant Commissioner ATO cat Anderson (Kath Anderson) said that «fraudsters are expected to choose cryptocurrency», as in the past year dramatically increased their popularity. She warned:

«Crypto-currencies operate in a virtual world, and once the scammers receive the payment, it’s almost impossible to return.»

Residents who suspect that they were contacted by the Scam, can contact the ATO, however, the tax authority will contact the police on their behalf – this responsibility lies with the Australians.

Such fraud is not the first of its kind. In the autumn of last year, 40 residents of the canadian proud York said goodbye
with their money in the amount of 340 thousand canadian dollars after he made it to cryptomath at the request of the fraudsters introduced themselves as employees of the tax service.

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