Technical Director sold all my bitcoins

Bitcoin is as good as useless, said the technical Director of one of the largest sites of bitcoin pool and wallet Emil Oldenburg, who sold their bitcoins, and believes that others will do the same when you realize how illiquid this market is. Lately owned by Roger ver, became the main mouthpiece of propaganda in opposition to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. Therefore, such symbolic gestures are not surprising, especially as such statements are difficult to verify.

According to Oldenburg, the shortcomings of bitcoin – high Commission and increasing the execution time of transactions – a hot topic for discussion in the community today.

«I would say that investing in bitcoin is now the most risky investments that you can make, – he said in an interview with Swedish television Breakit. – I sold all my BTC and switched to BCH».

Indeed, according to some estimates, fees for transactions in bitcoins (dollar equivalent) doubles every three months. portal Ars Technica reports that in recent time, the Commission reached a $26 per transaction. However, the appreciation of the transaction in dollars not so much due to network problems, as with the growth of bitcoins. Technically, the network load is kept at the same level, almost the entire 2017, and the pool overflow transaction occurs after ubago major events that force users EN masse to complete transactions with different purposes.

Oldenburg believes that the future of cryptocurrency Bitcoin for Cash. As a result, mostly focused on the BCH. However, even if BCH somehow manage to take the place of Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency will sooner or later face similar problems.

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