Telex AI, A Crypto-Chatbot for Beginners and Experts Alike

The backstage of the Internet is filled with tech-savvy people of all age-groups. The same trend continues with high-end computing hardware and applications as well, be it AI, Quantum Computing or Robotics. However, that doesn’t mean the new-technologies can afford to leave out those who are not so great with the latest technology developments or can’t write a couple of lines of code as they make up a majority of the population. For any project to be successful, user adoption is the most important factor and the same applies to cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions as well.

The growth of cryptocurrencies in the recent days has attracted huge media attention, which has, in turn, generated interest in digital currencies among the general public who probably had no idea about what Bitcoin is, a few months ago. While these newbies search for simpler ways to access the new market, Telex AI is working on making it easier for them by introducing an AI-powered cryptocurrency chatbot.

It’s the Siri of the cryptocurrency world

The Telex Chatbot is as good as “Siri” for the cryptocurrency world. It is designed to be simple enough to enable those who are completely new to cryptocurrencies to understand the market, handle the digital currencies and even trade them. Most newbies lose huge sums of money not because they don’t know how to trade, but because they don’t even understand the cryptocurrency market as to undertake healthy investments. E.g. Your grandma isn’t a techie but would like to trade cryptocurrencies. Should she be deprived of the opportunity? No. But what can we do when she can’t analyze the market – the sad part is that she has to stop, unless there is a solution like Telex AI.

So, how does Telex AI help?

➢ Telex AI is a virtual assistant for your assets.
➢ It will predict, in real time and seamlessly, the trading statistics and help you make a decision as to how the cryptocurrencies are moving, ones with future potential, and the ones that are likely to plummet in the future.
➢ On the quantitative and data analysis side, Telex AI will do to your cryptocurrency data what IBM’s SPSS will do to your data.
➢ And all along, Artificial intelligence will be leveraged to produce state-of-the-art, accurate data for the present and into the future.

The able team behind Telex AI

Situated in London, the group behind this excellent invention has gathered the best of brokers, engineers, and business-minded individuals from the fintech and cryptocurrency industry to come out with such an innovation.

The Telex AI ICO

The Telex AI ICO started on November 21 st. Within few days, the platform has garnered a lot of attention from all corners of the cryptocurrency community. It’s a cryptocurrency revolution using Artificial Intelligence to predict when, how, and what you should do now and in the future with your cryptocurrency.

More information about the token sale is available on the platform’s website.

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