Tennessee is promoting the prohibition of investment in crypto currencies for pension funds

Measures to limit pension funds to investing in cryptocurrencies are moving in the state Senate of Tennessee. As we reported earlier, two bills, introduced in January, aims to ban investment in crypto-currencies for the pension funds of the state. On March 6, the Budget Committee of the Tennessee Senate unanimously voted for the adoption of these bills, by passing them on further consideration.

Bill R-13, sponsored by Senator bill Metronom (Bill Ketron), identical to the draft, which was discussed in the House of representatives of the state. Public records
show that the Budget Committee of the house will consider it next week. The bill 2093, introduced in the House of representatives and supported by Michael Curcio (Michael Curcio) introduced to the Code of Tennessee amendment, which prohibits pension funds to invest in cryptocurrencies.

At this point in accordance with the Code of the state of the Trustees of the Fund entrusted to manage the finances and operations of the organization. This enables them not only to invest in legitimate investment tools, but also provides authority to work with various companies and contracts for services necessary to maximize the investment. It is in this part of the code amend proposed legislation forbidding the Trustees to invest in digital currency.

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