Thailand has allowed futures trading on bitcoin

Thanks to Phillip Securities Thailand, Thai investors will be able to speculate on the price of bitcoin through the global service derivatives trading. This decision has been recognized by Thai regulators.

Despite this, the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of Thailand continues to warn investors about the high risks in this area and urged caution.

«The use of bitcoin as the underlying asset at the CBOE and CME will lead to global adoption of futures for cash, since these exchanges have a reliable payment system and regulated by the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA», — said the managing Director of Phillip Securities, lo si Kiang (Low See Kiong) — «Thai investors are interested in bitcoin and willing to accept the investment risk inherent in the futures».

The company explained that trade futures on bitcoin will happen according to the same rules as on the CBOE and CME exchanges. First the trader will need to Deposit funds to cover the investment margin. Then you can proceed directly to the trade.

«For a successful trade an investor needs to have on his account reserve funds if the price moves 20-30% higher margin. In some cases, good risk management, the stock of available funds may be reduced. For example, if a trader strictly follows the strategy which is able to limit the losses, the share of available funds may be lower than 10%,» said Phillip Securities in Thailand.

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