The 0.16 release of Bitcoin Core you will get full support SegWit

Activated in August last year after almost two years of conflict technology SegWit now encouraging developers of Bitcoin Core to create a more structured version of the software wallet. If the underlying support SegWit appeared in version 0.13, but contained numerous flaws, starting with the Bitcoin Core 0.16.0 addresses and transaction SegWit will be fully supported and work by default.

It is not only that the code change Bitcoin focused on network scaling, or that it opens the way for a new level of technology that is potentially faster and cheaper. In most cases, when introducing new changes to the code cryptocurrency, a group of developers simply integrates disparate optimization. But the upcoming release 0.16.0 is somewhat different from the previous one.

All the updates in this version will revolve around SegWit – with a primary focus on simplifying the send transaction SegWit wallet by default. If the first software release SegWit was to ensure that the network can accept the new rules, version 0.16.0 will allow you to take full advantage.

One of razrabotcikov Bitcoin Core Andrew Chou explained that the functions SegWit now added to the set of command line tools and the GUI wallet, it can be used not only programmers, but Segwit addresses will be created by default.

Version 0.16.0 is the first to support the so-called «native» addresses SegWit, also called addresses bech32 – a new format of addresses from Bitcoin Core developer Peter Wolle and technical Director Blockstream Greg Maxwell, which is more user friendly than the old types of addresses. Automatic creation of segwit addresses of the users wallet needs to get lower transaction fees.

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