The American city of Plattsburgh wants to impose a moratorium on mining bitcoin

The city of Plattsburgh in upstate new York has 18 months to impose a ban on new mining operations due to the concerns of local officials the high power consumption.

According to reports, in the city of Plattsburgh is considered a law that would impose «a moratorium on commercial mining operation», while the city authorities do not consider «laws on zoning and land use and regulation by a municipal Department of electricity». Such a move was caused by concerns regarding excessive use of electricity miners in the area due to good access to Plattsburgh hydropower resources.

The law was proposed by mayor Colin Reid (Colin Read) that told the Watertown Daily Times that the growth of mining in Plattsburgh «have increased our use of energy and knocked us out of the rut, and this affects our taxpayers.»

According to the text of the bill, which will be the subject of public hearings on 15 March, the moratorium will provide a break and give time for discussion, «before the commercial operation in the field of cryptocurrency mining will permanently change the nature and direction of development of the city.»

In an interview with WCAX, the local miner said that he understands the desire of the authorities to protect the electorate. However, David Bowman (David Bowman) of Plattsburgh BTC added that he sees no need for a full moratorium.

«I think it’s a bad idea to ban all mining – after all, the phenomenon is too new,» he told the publication.

The conflict between local officials, mining companies and taxpayers played out in other parts of the United States, including the district of Chelan Washington state, where in 2016 a moratorium on high consumption customers, which has affected the cryptocurrency miners.

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