The artist has encoded a $10 000 in cryptocurrencies in his paintings

Artist Andy Bauch encrypted $10,000 in bitcoin, placing them in secret codes in the paintings with abstract designs from Lego.

According to the artist, the last series of «New money» which will be on display in Los Angeles, contains the private keys to the wallet with different crypto-currencies acquired in the year 2016. Initially the keys were algorithms to generate patterns, and then, Bauch altering them by drawing what you like to him.

After completing the work, the artist also carefully examined the paintings and made sure that the private keys do work. Every painting its price tag, information about the cryptocurrency, which is currently encrypted, and its price at purchase.

During the exhibition in real time will also be shown the current courses presented by cryptocurrency. According to the author of the project, any visitor who will be able to unravel the code on his picture, will be able to transfer cryptocurrency to your wallet.

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