The Association of NOM will use the blockchain to secure data on elections

For verification and protection of information of observers on the voting in the presidential election, the Association of observers, «national public monitoring» (MR.) would be to use Verifier – Russian project technology of blockchain, said the Federal coordinator of the Association Elena Bavchenkova.

According to her, each observer will use a mobile app, which you can use to record all violations and upload materials such as photos, videos, information about the test – site.

«In total at the polls on election day will work 100 thousand observers Noma. The result is a vast array of data and all this data is stored using the technology of the blockchain, which is a guarantee that these data will not be changed,» explained Bavchenkova.

«The blockchain us guarantees the authenticity and immutability of the data. Since we are starting at 13:00 GMT on 18 March, we will obtain protocols from the Eastern regions, these protocols will enter our system,» – said the coordinator of information technology MR. Vladislav Berezutsky.

According to him, the observers will send the final protocols from polling stations and their photos.

«There is a record in our database, and we are in automatic mode, the exchange with our Russian bloccano Verifier and aceptor, verifiers, which are located worldwide, users of the blockchain in your application confirm the accuracy of our protocols,» he explained.

Berezutsky said that the goal of the project providing an objective picture of the elections.

«For the first time in the history of the world in the elections of this magnitude all the protocols will be available in the public blockchain-a platform of «National public monitoring» and confirmed by independent blockchain-platform Verifier», stressed the Federal coordinator MR. Roman Kolomoitsev.

According to the head of technology project Verifier Dmytro Ravina users (verifiers) blockchain platforms are registered in the system according to their passport data, therefore, to create fake users.

«Also provided internal rating system an internal rating that allows to minimize the possibility of forgery and falsification of any information», – he concluded.

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