The Bank of Montreal extends the ban on transactions with cryptocurrencies

Canadian Bank of Montreal has closed access to its customers to buy cryptocurrency using a debit card Interac, said the representative of the Bank.

The rumors about the prohibition appeared a week ago on Reddit. Applying for a job in the Bank of Montreal user provided information, which was received at its corporate e-mail on March 28. He made a screenshot and anonymously published the contents of the letter.

«I confirm the information that we do not allow our customers purchase cryptocurrency through Interac Online Payments or using credit cards and debit cards from MasterCard, – said the representative of the Bank of Montreal. – This decision was taken due to the volatility of cryptocurrency. Thus we provide our customers with greater security».

Recently, the credit card company Mastercard has also refused to process the cryptocurrency payments. Originally associated with the acquisition of cryptocurrency transactions are not available directly to cardholders of the company, then the ban will apply to debit card Interac.

A message appeared on the background report, the largest Bank in Denmark Danske Bank, which criticized the cryptocurrencies in connection with the possible risks of their use and the lack of transparency.

Earlier this year, the largest US banks JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America also banned the purchase of cryptocurrencies through credit cards.

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