The Bank of Russia proposed to make payments to the EEU through mastercan

The Bank of Russia is discussing the use of Russian blockchain platform Mastercam to create a single payment space in the framework of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), said the Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova, speaking at the Congress of the Association of Russian banks.

«We are now discussing the possibility of creating new technologies to send messages and calculations in the Eurasian economic Union as a supranational infrastructure. This gave us the opportunity to use technologies of distributed registries at the level of the EAEU, to carry out calculations and transfer of financial information, without affecting the existing payment system,» she said.

According to the Chairman of the Central Bank, discussions are being actively promoted and currently several high quality technologies, including Mastercam.

«I think this year we will discuss the solution for this project,» said Skorobogatova.

According to the Bank of strategy of development Finance in Russia, the blockchain platform Mastercam – tool for interaction between participants of the financial market – can be used in the framework of the EAEU. In particular, for the transfer of financial messages in SWIFT format. Initially, the platform will work in Russia, in the future, the Bank intends to organize inter-system interaction of the countries of the Union.

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