The Bank of Russia will create a single register of depositors on the blockchain

Next year the Bank of Russia and Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) will create a single register of depositors, which will be based on the technology of the blockchain. First and foremost, this should help to deal with unscrupulous bankers, who at the time of the revocation of the license to destroy a database of investors.

In addition, such a system should increase the transparency of the market of Bank deposits. When you open a Deposit with all information (personal data, Bank name, amount) will be recorded in the blockchain and stored on the server of the Central Bank.

All information on depositors will be protected, so as to delete or modify data from the blockchain is impossible. This will help to avoid situations when the revocation of the license of the Bank «lost» a database of investors.

The Central Bank believes that the establishment of such a system should have a favourable impact on the development of Deposit market in Russia. Knowing that their data are further protected, customers will be more likely to open Deposit accounts, as will be able to rely on the indemnity in the event of bankruptcy of the Bank. According to Central Bank data, the market volume of deposits last year grew by 7.4% and reached 26 trillion rubles.

According to a source close to the Bank, it is unclear whether a third party used the technology based on the blockchain or their own (for example, project Mastercan), but it is obvious that it will be controlled blockchain.

Today in the world there are no analogues of the created roster of investors, said the managing partner of the audit company «2K» Tamara Kasyanova.

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