The Belgian authorities have created a website with information about crypto scams

The Belgian government has launched a website that aims to tell cryptocurrency investors about the key signs of fraud in the industry.

A new website called «Too Good to Be True» is funded by the Federal government economic service of Belgium and the financial services and markets. The site says that scriptactive – «this is a HYIP of the year» and notes that because they are extremely easy to create, these tokens can be used for illicit purposes, «including fraud, drug trafficking, terrorism or any other criminal activities».

The creators of the site it is recommended to study the biographies of the people behind the project before you participate in the sale of tokens. In addition, the site is recommended not to share personal information and to require issuers of tokens detailed description of the project and be wary if the developers promise extremely high returns investment.

According to information on the website, cryptomount «often seem to be very reliable», but they still can easily deceive potential investors. The creators of the site say:

«Fraud with crypto-currencies can take different forms – attackers are very creative. Be especially careful when you pay online using the cryptocurrency, when do they bet on sports and when dealing with investments in tokens».

In addition, the home page has a function to check suspicious sites. According to the creators of the site, it will help to determine whether a platform is fraudulent. However, it also says that the developers «are not responsible for any errors in the system.»

The website notes that the organization must be properly licensed to operate in the financial markets of Belgium. However, some sites may not be displayed, despite the absence of a license, and part of the database will be formed due to users to report them.

Regulators of various countries pay more attention to the cryptocurrency industry in General and the protection of cryptocurrency investors from fraud in particular. Recently, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) has created a website with «fraudulent ICO» to teach investors, which was made in the context of previously announced plans to combat fraud in the industry of cryptocurrency. The website is a typical fraudulent ICO, which, according to the regulator «too best to be true.»

In addition, recently, a group of securities regulators of Canada and the United States announced the launch of
program «international harassment» of cryptocurrency scams called CryptoSweep, which received broad support SEC.

Industry participants are also aware of the danger of fraudulent sales of tokens for the image of the ICO and, consequently, their welfare. In April of this year, startup Savedroid played fraud with a private sale of tokens to mimic her sudden termination and theft of investors ‘ funds. However, the next day the site started working, and the creators of the project explained that thus wanted to show investors how easy to become a victim of fraud.

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