The bill of the Ministry of Finance provides for a tax on mining and trading cryptocurrency

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation suggests to charge mining tax by analogy with taxation of entrepreneurial activities, told reporters Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev at the meeting of the public Council of the Ministry of Finance, where the presentation of the draft law «On digital of financial assets».

«We consider mining to business activities. She can deal with individual entrepreneurs (IE) or legal persons», – he said.

Moses said that, as in the bill of direct instruction on the order of taxation of mining is not, this region falls under the rules of current tax legislation. According to him, it is not intended to establish a minimum threshold volume of mining from which the activities will be taxed.

«It will be risk-based judgment is on», – said Deputy Minister of Finance, stressing that it is not advisable to adjust the whole apparatus to work with small volumes, in terms of the costs of the Federal tax service.

Regarding trading, cryptocurrencies, the Finance Ministry proposes to resolve them through the organization eligible to implement the auction.

«What, in my opinion, is not enough, it is the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Of course, we need to think about it… the Concept is already there, unable even to voice. It presupposes that if we do, we will do this through a statement to the effect that the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies must be done through organizations that have any license for the right realization of the auction. It can be any commodity exchange, just exchanges», – said Moiseev.

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