The Brazilian regulator has banned investment in the mining company HashBrasil

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) has suspended the offering of securities related to bitcoin mining. In a statement
on February 28, the regulator has ppavil that offer HashBrasil to investors not approved by the authorities, while noting that the proposal is placed on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

«The regulator found that the company offers investment opportunities associated with the shares in the investment group involved in mining bitcoins (HashBrasil) through the conclusion of contracts that may fall under the legal concept of securities», — reads the statement of the Agency.

The regulator has threatened to fine operators HashBrasil to $ 5,000 a day if they do not suspend their offer. It seems that the company decided not to argue with the authorities. 1 Mar to Facebook there was a message
(the next day after the statement CVM), where the team of the company told to suspend its activities.

Regulators of Brazil previously took a fairly cautious stance in relation to cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year the financial regulator has banned the country’s
local funds to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, this attitude does not prevent the authorities to pay attention to the technology of the blockchain. In September last year, the Central Bank of Brazil said that exploring the blockchain to back the settlement system, and in August of the same year, the Ministry of planning of Brazil told
about testing blockchain for record keeping.

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