The Briton is accused of laundering 11.5 million euros in bitcoin

Briton living in Amsterdam, threatens till 5 years of prison. It is assumed that he exchanged bitcoins used to buy drugs for cash. According to investigators, he began to grow marijuana, but soon discovered that the business associated with the exchange of bitcoins, much more profitable.

Dutch Prosecutor demanded that the court sentenced the 38-year-old Briton to five years in prison for laundering about 11.5 million Euro in bitcoin in the period from 2014 to 2016. It is assumed that the money was derived from illegal deals with drug trade and other illicit goods on the darknet markets, said Wednesday the Prosecutor.

According to the prosecution, a British citizen living in Amsterdam, earned on the exchange of bitcoins that he received from their customers for cash, charging «extremely high» Commission from 5 percent to 8 percent. This high Commission was the price that its customers pay for anonymity, says the Prosecutor.

The suspect used a Bank account to trade bitcoins, and then withdraw cash money from ATMs for their customers. According to the Prosecutor, was thus exchanged several million euros. The Netherlands Times reports that legal income of the accused and his wife are extremely small. A British citizen, also is suspected of growing marijuana — the Dutch police found pictures of the plantations on the suspect’s computer.

«He thought he saw a niche in the market, and hastened to occupy it,» says the Prosecutor. «He started with cultivation of marijuana, sold the harvest on the darknet and received payment in bitcoins. He soon decided that he no longer need to engage in «gardening» to get a good profit.»

The defendant still maintains his innocence and claims that all of his clients were law-abiding citizens who have not been involved in any form of trafficking. It is expected that the Dutch court will announce its verdict in early March.

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