The canadian regulator, requires a ban on the advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO in Google

Canadian stock market regulator requires Google after Facebook banned ads cryptocurrency topic, as well as listings for ICO and binary options. This company asks the senior investigator of the securities Commission of Manitoba in Canada, Jason Roy (Jason Roy). According to him, the lock of such advertising in Facebook is the merit of the joint work of the FBI and the Task force on binary options Canada. Roy says:

«We are very happy with the Facebook decision. I hope that Google will adopt a similar policy.»

Google noted that the company already has a ban, which they used against deceptive ads. However, Roy and other regulators say that when you search in Google you can easily stumble on advertising from different scriptcombine.

Particularly worried about regulators is binary options. It’s true that the industry suffers from fraud in this field, and Israel, as well as a number of other countries have completely banned the holding of such auctions. But, it seems that the authorities are rowing one size fits all cryptocurrency company.

But it is unlikely that Google will abandon the cryptocurrency advertising. Expert on contextual advertising told the Times of Israel that the share of Facebook accounted for only 15-20% of the advertising budgets of companies. Most cryptocurrency companies leave it to Google.

Experts say that scammers are willing to pay big money for clicks to stay in the top results of search engines. He notes that the average company will spend one to two dollars per click, and scammers – at times more, as they have the opportunity to earn from one click to several thousand dollars, if an inattentive investor will invest in their project. Google denies that this scheme will work.

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