The company of George Soros will be engaged in cryptocurrency trading

Billionaire George Soros (George Soros) wants to engage in cryptocurrency trading, reports Bloomberg, citing its own sources.

Adam Fischer (Adam Fischer) responsible for mikroinvestitsy at Soros Fund Management, has already received permission from the management of the Fund to trade in digital currencies, but to be active in this direction has not yet started, reports the publication.

A spokesman for the company, the assets of which today is around $26 billion, declined to comment for this reason.

Fame went to Soros in 1992, when the deal against the pound brought him $1 billion profit. It was called «the man who humiliated the Bank of England», as he became the first American citizen who managed to earn the same amount.

In 2011 Soros Fund Management has completely paid off with third-party investors and become a family company to manage the assets of 87-year-old businessman.

Recall that in January 2018 Soros very negative comments about bitcoin, calling it «financial bubble», however, he noted that the collapse of the cryptocurrencies are unlikely.

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