The company «petroleum trading» made a deal with the blockchain

Oil trade company «petroleum trading» carried out the first transaction on the oil market of Russia using the technology of the blockchain, announced managing partner of trader’s Maxim Dyachenko.

«February 21, 2018, we have conducted the first deal with oil on the blockchain, the transactions were concluded for the supply of 92-octane gasoline. The first buyers became the largest private network in the Omsk region «Topline» and wholesale distributor in the Rostov region «RS-Oylopt». Delivery of goods to customers will be carried out with the Omsk refinery and Astrakhan gas processing plant», – he said.

According to the Manager of the filling station network «Topline» Roman wolf, being in the time of the transaction in one of the districts of the Omsk region, he came into the system via the Internet, confirmed the price and the transaction took place.

«While we conduct a kind of experiment, but we like the simplicity and ease of the process, so in the future expect to increasingly use this service in contact with our long-standing partner «petroleum trading», – said wolf.

One of the owners of «PC-Oylopt» Khromov Vyacheslav emphasizes the speed and ease of transactions using the blockchain, which is completely missing the human factor and virtually eliminated the error.

«Previously, we had assessed the risks from the tax, the contract with «petroleum trading» designed to and did not arise», – he said.

Dyachenko said that the oil market of Russia is characterized by the presence of a large number of repetitive identical transactions, the implementation of which through automation has led businesses to implement a blockchain.

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