The conflict between the founders Tezos ended with the resignation of the leadership of the Swiss Foundation

The launch of the project Tezos, attended by a record at that time, $230 million in ICO in mid-2017, originally was scheduled for last October, but technical problems and the conflict between founders of the project have prevented the initial plan, as the technical team and managers of Finance were on different sides.

However, a few days ago, the founders Tezos – wife of Arthur and Kathleen Brightman (Breitman) have confirmed that they are ready to launch the network despite ongoing disagreements with registered in Zug Fund Tezos (Tezos Foundation).

22 February, the Fund has unexpectedly released a statement on the restructuring, which refers to the resignation of the chief antagonist of Britanov – Chairman of the Board of Gevers Johann (Johann Gewers):

Development of the project Tezos, Johann Gevers and Diego Oliver Fernandez Pons (Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons) are leaving the Board of Directors at his own request.

The statement was made by the new Chairman of the Board Ryan Jesperson (Ryan Jesperson), a longtime member of the community Tezos. He is joined by technical specialist Michelle Moni (Michel Mauny).

According to Fund documents, the Board consists of three Directors, however, Guido Schmitz-Krummacher (Guido Shmitz-Krummacher) left the post a month ago, having to blame Britanov in fuelling conflict. In his place on 31 January was appointed Lars Hausmann (Lars Hausmann) is the only remaining post of member of the Board.

The beginning of the conflict were accusations of Givers in unjustified bonuses, extended spouses Brightman. After that, the Fund has suspended the financing of works, which led to further escalation and delay the start. Not remained aloof and investors of the project who filed in various courts class actions against Britanov fraud.

Apparently, with the resignation of Givers the conflict between management can be considered ended with the victory of Britanov and common sense, at least in terms of its launch. The statement says:

With the appointment of the new leadership, the Foundation reaffirms its readiness to fully support the launch of the network Tezos.

The irony is that one of the main features of the network Tezos is the automated system to resolve internal conflicts using code: Fund developers and token holders will vote on all matters of control, and the results of this vote the new code will be accepted or rejected by the network.

How effective will such a system will become clear only in the process of operation. A year ago the project seemed interesting, but since there were several platforms with similar algorithms. Moreover, it is possible that instead of a complicated system of settling disputes within the system will be sufficient to hold hardwork, so that even the supporters of opposite points of view will get its own platform. In particular, this view is shared by Vlad Zamfir is one of the key developers of the Ethereum project and RСhain.

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