The court of Chile has ordered banks to open accounts with cryptocurrency exchanges Buda

The antitrust court of Chile ruled on two major Chilean banks Banco del Estado de Chile Corpbanca Itau to reopen the accounts of the company Buda — one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. According to Bloomberg, it is assumed that it is necessary to refute the rumors about a complete ban on cryptocurrencies in the country.

As previously reported, bills of exchanges Buda, Crypto MKT, Orionx was Chilean banks are closed without explanation in the middle of this month. At that time, Banco Estado has stated that it «does not work with companies that are engaged in the production, creation, brokerage, mediation or serve as a platform for the so-called cryptocurrency».

In response cryptocurrency exchanges decided to refer the case to the court of appeal. The Buda company filed a lawsuit against 10 of the Chilean banks with a view to reopen their accounts after they have been closed as «arbitrary» and «unjustified» order. Judging by the success Buda, this was competent and balanced. At the time of publication of the accounts of the Crypto MKT, Orionx remained closed.

Messages in different media, it is assumed that financial institutions Chile cook bans for kriptonyte. Torrealba Guillermo (Guillermo Torrealba), the exchange’s President Buda, said:

«They are killing the whole industry. In Chile is impossible to buy and sell cryptocurrency through a secure company. We’ll have to go back five years ago, and make personal transactions. It’s so arbitrary».

Some believe that a complete ban comes from the government of Chile. On 5 April, the financial stability Board country organization, which includes representatives of the Central Bank, Finance Ministry and securities regulators, banks and pension funds has issued a warning about cryptocurrency. It happened shortly before banks started closing accounts of the exchanges.

On March 27, the President of the Bank Itau Corpbanca Maluch Milton (Milton Maluhv) argued that «the Bank supports startups and new technologies» and that «cryptocurrencies require more stringent regulation.»

According to Crypto exchange MKT, she was cut off from banking services after Banco Estado has closed her account. However, the exchange Orionx, which accounts were also closed, claims that the assets are «fully covered» and that «the risk of insolvency do not exist».

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