The court overturned the decision to block Russia 40 exchange cryptocurrency

In may 2017 the October court of St. Petersburg decided to block forty sites for the exchange and monitoring exchange of cryptocurrencies, because they allegedly contain information about the cryptocurrency, which is «not backed by real value, does not contain information about its holder and being outside the legal field, provides the possibility of implementing legal mechanisms to ensure fulfillment of obligations by the parties to the transaction».

Today leading lawyer Roskomsnab and the Centre for the protection of digital rights Sarkis Darbinyan announced about cancellation of the decision of October district court of St.-Petersburg city court.

«We achieved cancellation of the decision of the court for 40 cryptomenysis. Business is directed on new consideration in other structure of judges. This is not a victory, but the result is important. Still have to finish the arguments, the court of first instance to the St. Petersburg prosecutors to teach it to handle such claims again», – he wrote on his Facebook page.

«The St.-Petersburg city court cancelled the decision of October district court of St.-Petersburg about a recognition of information disseminated through the network «Internet» information whose dissemination in the Russian Federation is prohibited, and, namely, the data of Internet sites which host information about the electronic currency bitcoin,» reports United press-service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

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