The court refused to block the website ICO LavkaLavka at the request of prosecutors

Farmers cooperative LavkaLavka was accused of illegal dissemination of information about cryptocurrencies, however, the Lefortovo court of Moscow dismissed the claim of the local Prosecutor’s office with a request to block the company website about ICO.

On the website published information about the cryptocurrency BIOCON project LavkaLavka and bitcoins.

«The cooperative encourages the use of cryptocurrency for the purchase of goods and, therefore, violates the laws of Russia, for which the only currency is the ruble», – consider in office of public Prosecutor.

Prosecutors demanded in the interests of an indefinite circle of persons to block the website of the cooperative and the stock exchange and cryptocurrency exchanger The court severed the claims on the websites of the LavkaLavka in a separate case.

Creator LavkaLavka Boris Akimov believes that the court’s decision is a signal for the Russian crypto community about the need to act within a legal framework. According to the cooperative representing the lawyer of Mikhail Uspensky, the claim arose from the harmony of bitcoins and bokonov, but the court decided not to consider requirements of the Prosecutor’s office.

In the summer of 2017, the representatives of the Lefortovo inter-district Prosecutor’s office questioned the legality of the scheme of payment and decided to check it out. The audit showed no violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

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