The creators of the pyramid Optioment stole 12 000 BTC in 10 000 people

It is reported that the Scam associated with investments in bitcoin in Austria, raised more than ten thousand investors in the country and throughout Europe.

The operators of the fraudulent scheme Optioment allegedly stole about 12 000 BTC ($116 million at current exchange rates) from more than 10,000 victims who invested in the scheme. In the framework of this Scam website was launched, which at the moment does not work, where it was stated that Optioment — «the main global investment product bitcoin», which is associated with a «private Fund bitcoin in Costa Rica». The fraudsters claimed to own «investment» platform, supported more than 35,000 BTC.

In the message
publication Die Presse notes that the authors of the scheme promised investors the income from 1.5% to 4% per week of «invested» bitcoins. Investors also rewarded for recruiting new users.

«Optioment pays you bitcoins, when you share information about the platform with their friends and business colleagues,» he said
on the website. «In the first level of the compensation plan you are rewarded with 7%, second level — 4%, third 3% and so on. We pay you each time your referred member makes a Deposit, and not only for the investment.»

The authors of the scheme Optioment even held an event for investors in the conference hall of the hotel in Vienna, which took place a few weeks before the revelations of the pyramid. The meeting was attended by 700 people. It is reported that the investment scheme could also attract investors from other countries – Poland, Romania and countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Despite the relatively long implementation of payments to investors, a multi-level pyramid collapsed in November 2017. By the end of January, the financial markets authority Austria (FMA) began to cooperate with the Prosecutor’s office in Vienna for investigation on suspicion of fraud and the organization of financial pyramids, the article says Die Presse.

It is reported that two of the three operators Optioment – Danish and Latvian was identified by the authorities. However, no arrests were made, said the press-Secretary of the FMA to Bloomberg. The Prosecutor’s office receives «hundreds of complaints» from the Austrian investors, and the authorities have asked Interpol to assist in apprehending fraudsters.


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