The crypto currency exchange Youbit hacked second time this year and closed

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Youbit (has nothing to do with Russian-language site Yobit) declared themselves bankrupt after the second year of a hacker attack. This causes concern about security against the backdrop of rapid trading bitcoins and other digital currencies.

First time Youbit hacked in April, the result of which was stolen about 4000 BTC. After the second time in the last year she has been the victim of hackers, crypto currency exchange announced the closure and commencement of bankruptcy proceedings.

Youbi was hacked on Tuesday, December 19, at 4:35 local time. About 17% of the assets of the site was stolen – the exact amount was not specified, but reported that the balance of the user will only have 75% of their funds to hacking.

According to the Agency’s Internet and security of Korea (KISA), the police and KISA began an investigation into the hacking.

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