The cryptocurrency market capitalization exceeded $500 billion

13 December was set a new record in the cryptocurrency sphere. The combined market capitalization of crypto-currencies amounted to more than $ 500 billion, that is half a trillion! 15 December 2016, almost a year ago, the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies there were only about 15 billion dollars. Thus, in one year the total growth of the entire sector amounted to approximately 3 333%.

Last year, on the same day, five of the most popular cryptocurrency had a total capitalization of $ 100 million. Today to find cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $100 million – will have to fall to 90 of the places in the list.

This time the reason for the growth was not bitcoin, its price on the contrary during the day fell to $15 500, but quickly regained positions and is now trading around $16 500. This time, total market capitalization increased at the expense of altcoins that have shown full solidarity and EN masse rushed over.

Strong growth was demonstrated by the ether, which at its peak was reached the price of $ 750. Perhaps this increase is due to news that the CME and the CBOE soon can release futures ETH and LTC.

Litecoin after prolonged growth
«stuck» in a sideways trend between levels 300 and $ 330. DASH stopped short of the mark 950 dollars, Monero at its peak was trading above $ 330.

For Ripple today gave 0.51 dollar that in 2 times more than yesterday. It’s incredible, since last six months Ripple was quite inert. The last time such a massive rise in the coin experienced in may this year, when XRP 1 gave 0.4 of a dollar. Then, the cryptocurrency has slipped to 20 cents, where he remained many months.

If you believe the report in Nikkei Asian Review, this Friday, several banks from Japan and South Korea will begin testing the technology of the blockchain, in cooperation with the company Ripple. According to plans, one day will be made a lot of international money transfers, which should reduce costs by 30%.

A group of 61 Japanese Bank, who will participate in testing, will be headed by SBI Ripple Asia. Support project participants from South Korea will provide the company DAYLI Intelligence from Seoul. If testing goes well, then next spring Ripple could become a major operator of financial transactions between Japan and South Korea. Use XRP for sending money will help banks and their customers to reduce costs up to 60% compared to traditional methods.

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