The decision about the launch of the blockchain EOS 10 Jun

One week after the start of one of the largest and most unusual experiments of the crypto community, blockchain EOS finally approaching
to run – June 9 passed a successful vote of «creators block» for the launch of the network.

It is also worth mentioning about the other two votes which have already taken place. The first was invalidated, but a sufficient number of participants voted for launch. The second was valid, but it was attended by an insufficient number of candidates for the role of «creators block». Today at 1:00 UTC started the third vote, which, as expected, ended in a positive solution – the main network of EOS will begin 10 June at 13:00 UTC .

The vote

Decision makers blocks to vote for the launch of the network almost did not surprise anyone, as many signs said that the results will be exactly as.

Meeting «creators block» was broadcast on the Youtube channel the EOS GO. EMLG (group start the main blockchain — EOS Mainnet Launch Group whose members work together to coordinate the process of launching a network) arranged meetings where participants spoke for or against the launch of the network every 24 hours. In order for the network was launched, two thirds of the candidates for the role of «creators block» plus one vote, was to make a positive decision.

More than 100 applicant organizations began to join the meeting, which began at 1:00 UTC on Saturday, and the vote happened after about 45 minutes – his course was watched by more than 1,800 people. The result was almost unanimous, but the moderators are not told the exact number of participants, which issued a positive decision.

The group is now assigned to the «creators block» will start to work to start the main network. This will be followed by additional testing before the network is finally activated. According to the stages of the launch of the EOS the core network, it can occur not earlier than 48 hours of additional testing.

Then, the token holders can vote for a «creators block», which will be entrusted production units in the network EOS. The chain will be declared active after a 15% token holders will vote for the adoption of the first set, which will include 21 organizations.

The problem of choosing

Despite the positive decision on the launch of the EOS network, there are still a lot of unanswered questions that surround the project. For example, how they will get out of «creators block» and the impact they will have on this vote.

The organization, lead the launch of the network — EOS Mainnet Launch Group (EMLG), a coalition of groups, each of which claims to be the «maker of boxes». Once the network starts the EOS token holders decide which groups will be able to create blocks. Will be selected a team of 21 organizations that will receive a reward according to the measure of inflation, token EOS (the same as bitcoin miners). With more than 200 bands vying to be among the elect.

Therefore, even given the fact that the community as a whole has reached a consensus network launch, still has to solve other issues that may provoke a new discussion.

For example, one of the candidates from Hong Kong tweeted some information that reveals some other issues discussed before the vote. In addition, in Telegram-channel EOS New York after the second vote, the leader of the group Kevin rose (Kevin Rose) wrote the following:

«Here’s what happened: during the voting was a mess. We need to create a normal process. In addition, Dan [Larimer] made confusion when I suggested that the launch of the network without EOSIO 1.0.2. Since the voting took place randomly, we do not know what were the motives of those who opposed the launch.»

Before the third vote, which was a positive decision, the group EMLG had to amend the process to make it more streamlined. Apparently, she succeeded.

Problems voting

Before the third vote, many feared the same mess that happened during the last meeting ended in a negative decision, which in this case lasted almost three hours.

Judging by the events of the last hour of the meeting, after the first vote ended, immediately began the second, and discussion on the results of the first choice did not stop. As noted by rose, it was not clear, pre-established verification process of candidates for the role of «creators block», and no one checked that each organization voted only once.

In the end, it was decided to admit the first vote invalid due to the turmoil that was going on at the meeting. One of the problems for moderators was the translation of the whole process of voting for candidates who do not speak English.

The participants agreed to establish a voting system with authorization in the framework of the online platform, which they used to make sure that each member vote only once, and those who do not claim to be the «creators block» will not be able to affect the outcome of the vote.

Update EOS

In addition, the role of the company is the Creator of EOS also remains uncertain. Although Block.One promised as little as possible to affect the launch of the EOS and to refrain from voting with their tokens, founder and technical Director Dan Larimer (Dan Larimer) took part in the meeting of EMLG to answer questions.

He noted that the Block.One plans very soon to publish an update, bringing the software EOS to version 1.0.2. This update was described as a soft, crucial problems such as errors in the white and black lists for smart contracts. Several candidates for the role of «creators block» said that soft-updates should not affect the Protocol, and that does not matter if some of them will work on version 1.0.1, and others — on 1.0.2.

But the announcement seems to have made the uncertainty that rose several times confirmed in the Telegram channel EOS NY. In the statement, also posted on this channel, the organizers of the group wrote that the second vote opposed the launch of the network, because the team found an error with the account creation and the end of the transmission. The group-candidate from Hong Kong HKEOS also opposed network launch and wrote about it in his Twitter:

«This sacrifice is necessary today to avoid problems tomorrow.»

It seems that the group’s statement proved prophetic. The third vote successfully concluded with the decision to launch the network, this procedure, apparently, was more structured and the results of the meeting can be considered reliable. Now community members have to choose a «creators block» and it is hoped that given the mistakes of the previous votes, all will go smoothly.

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