The decision to regulate the exchange of cryptocurrency will take the CBR

Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev said that the differences of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to regulate the exchange of cryptocurrency eliminated, the decision will be taken by the Bank of Russia.

«Yes, disagreements have been resolved. The Central Bank will make the decision,» he said. According to him, limit the participation of qualified investors in the ICO will determine the Central Bank.

«It is planned to give the decision to limit participation to the discretion of the Central Bank. The bill will be written at the discretion of the Central Bank», – said Moiseev.

In January, the Finance Ministry published a draft law on the regulation of digital assets in Russia, which gave a definition of cryptocurrency token, mining and ICO. The Finance Ministry noted the existence of differences in approaches to the regulation of exchange of currencies with the Central Bank, in particular, the possibility of exchange of cryptocurrency in rubles, foreign currency or other property.

These differences consisted in the fact that the Central Bank was intended to allow the exchange of tokens produced on the market to attract funding. The Finance Ministry, in turn, talked about illicit, illegal purposes, which can lead to a wide spread of cryptocurrencies and their permission to exchange.

At the same time, the Bank of Russia explained that he considered a valid exchange for rubles, foreign currency or other property only tokens in the framework of the Russian ICO, and opposed the resolution of such exchange for cryptocurrencies, because even when you identify the ultimate owner will open the possibility of legalizing the questionable transactions.

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