The Deputy of the legislative Assembly of Leningrad region invited the presidential candidates to give the Russians cryptocurrency


The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov wrote to the presidential candidates pisima the Russian Federation in which asks to include in their election programs the paragraph on the creation and development of national cryptocurrencies and its free distribution to all able-bodied citizens of Russia.

The politician believes that the cryptocurrency will provide a new source of income for the population and filling the budget. According to him, Russia is likely to lag behind in research and implementation of new technologies, although it has good chances to become a leader in the field of cryptocurrency.

«As one of the examples of how to improve the standard of living of every citizen of our country, I could bring decision-making and the implementation of a limited number of cryptorama – for example, based on the forecasted number of citizens of the Russian Federation of 150 million, while having given away for free on this Scripturally every able-bodied citizen,» – says Petrov.

The MP stressed, the more cryptocurrency involved in the turnover, the higher its market capitalization: if the Central Bank will allow payments by bitcoin only through scriptural, its capitalization will grow several times and give the possibility of direct control of the Central Bank of all legal settlements within Russia.

«In the case of adoption by heads of subjects only the possibility of the admission of payment by the cryptocurrency of public transport such as the metro, will not only increase in the capitalization of national cryptocurrencies, but also a huge boost for the development of IT-services of metro in the entire country,» – says the politician.

Petrov said that any official at the district level can help run the blockchain startups, giving access to the national adoption of cryptocurrencies in the MFC.

«Bringing such a minor action cryptobia national currency, for example, up to 10% of GDP per capita, each citizen of our country will be richer by at least $ 2,500, and this is the minimum projected capitalization free received cryptolabs,» concluded Petrov.

Earlier policies offered to consider possibility of creation on the territory of the Leningrad free economic zone (FEZ) to legally issue the cryptocurrency.

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