The Deputy of the municipality of Toronto has proposed to introduce the payment of taxes in bitcoin

The question about the possibility of paying taxes in bitcoin be considered at the city Council meeting in the canadian city of Toronto January 31, 2018. The Deputy of city Council of the norms of Kelly (Norm Kelly), suggested the city authorities to explore the possibility of paying bills, taxes on land and property and payment of the Parking spaces in the cryptocurrency.

«Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world have long accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, why not take this opportunity for us?» the MP said in his statement.

A little earlier, on December 12, Norm Kelly quite sceptical of bitcoin and his Twitter account left the following post: «has Anyone REALLY understands what is bitcoin?»

Currently, the MP acknowledged cryptocurrency payments are safe and effective and said that he would prefer «to stay ahead of the wave than to move it.»

It is also worth noting that some Chinese companies are considering Toronto, Quebec and other canadian cities as the site to host their computing power for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

It is known that the Bank of Canada thoroughly explores the pros and cons of the issue and use of cryptocurrency. Stephen Poloz (Stephen Poloz), the Governor of the Central Bank of the country, admits that the hype around bitcoin «prevents him to bed.»

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