The developers leave GitHub in the background on the site to Microsoft for $7.5 billion

At the end of last week, unofficial information emerged that Microsoft may buy GitHub, which, in particular, is developing Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.

On Monday, the sale of services to Microsoft for 7.5 billion dollars was confirmed, which caused an extremely negative reaction from the cryptocurrency community, and many developers are already leaving the portal.

GitHub has always sought to remain independent and even planned to go public in 2017. Since CEO and co-founder Chris Wanstrath (Chris Wanstrath) left the post in August 2017, the other leaders of GitHub are unable to find a replacement.

The site was and still remains the place where many developers bitcoin sharing my thoughts and code. Even the theoretical risk of transmission GitHub under the corporate governance caused a community uproar. In addition, many of them call to find another place for further work. Among them were the developers of Bitcoin Core.

Responding to a question about whether other developers abandon GitHub, the head of development of Bitcoin Core Wladimir van der Laan (Vladimir J. van der Laan) replied on Twitter:

«Yes! Rush certainly is not, but I think this is the beginning of a long and painful path to oblivion, as it was with CodePlex».

«Make no mistake: many developers working with bitcoin, and previously shifted to a more independent platform. The rumors on sale of GitHub Microsoft and even accelerate this process,» added van der Laan.

The developers of many other cryptocurrencies is likely to follow the example of their colleagues.

As alternative sites, developers consider a competing service Networks, which already reported, that can not cope with the number of migrating its platform of projects, as their number in the last few days has increased 10 times.

«We are working to increase the capacity of our service to meet increased activity,» — said the representative Networks.

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