The developers of Ethereum: hardwork vs ASIC is not needed, Metropolis 2 c Casper FFG is expected in autumn

April 6, held a regular meeting of developers of Ethereum, which is one of the main issues was dated the period of the second hard forks Metropolis with the transition to a combined mining Pow+PoS, as well as the extraordinary hard forks with the change of the hashing algorithm Ethash to counter ASIC miners that may be on the market in July, maybe earlier.

Summing up the discussion of the proposal EIP on 958 fork Ethereum to counter ASIC, host of the meeting of the Hudson Jameson said:

It seems that the developers agree that an urgent response to the threat of ASIC is required.

Acne Buterin expressed in that spirit that Ethereum is not Bitcoin, the miners can’t control it, and if we feel threatened, we will simply accelerate the development of Casper.

He noted that the announced products Bitmain is only 2.5 times more efficient than GPU (for the price, and for energy efficiency even inferior to them — approx. ed.) so that they can only be viewed as an improved model of the computer. He expressed concern that the resources spent on the modification of the algorithm, will only hamper other developments.

Buterin added that Casper FFG – hybrid POW/POS Protocol is now undergoing the second phase of inspections on a test network and is ready for the implementation of the code of the main clients Geth and Parity. The process of verification, he said, however, if required by the threat of a hypothetical attack 51%, will have to skip some stages of audit and verification. If Geth and Parity assign the implementation of the Casper FFG highest priority, it will give extra insurance.

Developed by Fund nick and Danny said that the verification process takes five and a half months, and it began in mid-March. While there is a good daily progress. Accordingly, if there weren’t any surprises, you can count on the second part of the hard forks Metropolis in September-October.

Fund designer Nick Johnson (Nick Johnson) also believes that the situation does not require extraordinary hard forks, however, the EIP 958 may be included in the next scheduled fork. Buterin expressed his complete agreement with this point of view. Further, the developers briefly discussed options for addressing the ASIC, while Buterin reiterated that this task in any case should not slow down more important development.

As for the hypothetical situation about the possible effects of ASIC on the hybrid Casper, Buterin said that the attack 51% can prevent the finalization of the new blocks (checkpoints, or every 50-th block), but it can’t undo blocks that has not been finalized already:

«If the attacker’s chain will refuse to turn on the blocks but conscientious miners, they will include, we do spend attack 51% in the next few days.»

In the end, the developers expressed the opinion that if the wider community will continue to insist on the extraordinary hard forks, they will be able to make such a proposal (EIP), however, it is more productive now is the ultimate concentration on Casper FFG to spend hardwork in the fall.

However, already two hours after the conclusion of the meeting, the topic of urgent hard forks steadily gaining comments on Reddit and it seems that the community is configured in relation to the «arms race» unleashed Bimain much less complacent than the Fund Ethereum and teams Geth and Parity.

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