The developers of Monero on April 6 will hold the update against ASIC miners

After Chinese manufacturer of ASIC miners Bitmain after the company Baikal announced the release of ASIC-miners are working on the CryptoNight algorithm that is able to produce including Monero, the creators of this cryptocurrency announced the upcoming update, after which the efficiency of mining Monero on these ASIC miners are greatly reduced.

The main developer of Monero Ricardo Spanyi provided details of the planned changes in the hashing algorithm on Github. According to information provided on the website to upgrade the client version 0.12.0 called Lithium Luna is scheduled for April 6. This update contains «minor change» in the algorithm of mining cryptocurrency, which will be directed primarily against ASIC miners.

Of its intention to change the algorithm and thereby to prevent the centralization of mining the development team Monero warned in February. In March, after Bitmain Antminer introduced the X3, this was stated and Spani.

«The recently announced ASIC miners due to significant advantages in performance before General purpose equipment such as CPU, GPU and even FPGA will receive a significant portion of the network can see, making it centralized,» from the recent remarks of the representative of the team Monero.

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