The drivers of South Africa can now pay fines in bitcoins

Service for payment of traffic fines city of Alberton in South Africa started to accept bitcoin payments. Drivers across the country wishing to pay their fines cryptocurrency, can now do so through the new service.

Cornelia van Niekerk (Cornelia van Niekerk), the owner of the company Fines4U that specializiruetsya legitimate markdown fines for driving across South Africa, working with 500 companies and 8,000 people. She told
local media reports that since June of this year became interested in bitcoin and wanted to offer people who share her interest, another opportunity to use cryptocurrency in South Africa.

The service allows customers to obtain a quote in bitcoins for payment of fines, which are set in South African Rand by members of the local traffic police. Transfer of funds to the authorities will be carried out in Fiat currency, as in the case of other penalties, and the company Niekerk will carry out exchange operations.

She believes that the price of bitcoin will rise over time, so she is not afraid of short-term devaluation during the process. This service is promoted as a quicker and cheaper option compared to Bank transactions.

To pay the fine or to store bitcoin?

As you can imagine, many people don’t want to part with their bitcoins in the days when the price of cryptocurrency is growing at such a rapid pace. Despite the fact that Niekerk started active advertising campaign of the new service have not yet been willing to use it.

However, the proposal drew attention to the company of those people who want to learn more about the use of bitcoin in South Africa.

«I communicate daily with customers, many of whom were representatives of large companies. All of a sudden wanted I told them about bitcoin,» said Niekerk.

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