The European energy company Enel is not interested in selling power miners

The largest European energy company Enel opposes mining industry, which is known for its high energy content, and claims that “not interested in selling energy in those goals.” Enel is one of the leading players in Europe in the sector of renewable energy.

The company explained that Enel is committed for sustainable and planned development and considers the use of energy for mining is a destructive practice that goes beyond the concept followed by the company.

Previously, the Agency Bloomberg reported that Enel is actively negotiating the sale of electricity generated from renewable sources, the Swiss company for the production of cryptocurrencies, Envion AG.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley in its recent report, spoke about the ever-growing energy consumption in the sector of mining cryptocurrencies that by the end of 2018 could reach 125-140 TWh, amounting to 0.6% of the world total.

It is known that a large part of mining capacity is in China, where there is a readily available and cheap electricity. However, after the tightening of state policy in relation to kriptonyte, and in particular, of the prohibition of ICO and shut cryptocurrency exchanges, miners began to fear for their future.

Began to appear reports that Bitmain, the Chinese mining giant, is considering the possibility of relocation and the establishment of a centre for the extraction of crypto currencies in the canadian province of Quebec, which attracted miners with cheap electricity and cool climate that allows you to save money on cooling equipment and increase its service life.

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