The evolution of forms of money: how is cryptotunnel platform Bitbon?

We all know from school history course, that the market economy originated in ancient times from the need for exchange of goods. The first trade was by barter, and the value of goods was determined by the complexity of their production and the demand for them. But in the process of development of human society, this method was not practical and convenient.

Although the appearance of the first forms of money in the form of sea shells, stones, animal skins and even cocoa beans for the modern man seem very primitive solution, at that time it was sort of a technological breakthrough. However, in this form, the money was convenient for use only within a particular society in which they were adopted, and with the advent of foreign trade activities have become less effective.

Andre Prevost:

You can look at the money down, but in any case can not miss them.

This problem was solved only in the VII century BC, when there were first hammered coin. They radically differed from the previous type of money. The value was clearly marked, and the Central authority had guaranteed their value and protect against forgery. This approach is best facilitated the conduct of foreign trade, as well as its active development. Use the coins convenient because they are easy to store, move, and there is also the possibility of exchange. It was another breakthrough that resulted in the beginning of a new interstate economy. Coins made of metal has proved so practical, that we still use today.

J. Vringo:

The Bank is a common sense, a sober approach to reality, to the partners.

The development of trade necessitated the constant transporting a large number of coins in the far distance. It was not only unsafe, problem was the considerable weight of the transported money. The solution was found, and soon it turned the whole world.

So there were first banks. They began to keep the money of the merchants, instead of issuing the certificate indicating the amount that is in storage. Banks are allowed to pay no money, and certificates. This system has received great popularity and significantly influenced the global economy. Over time, the certificates themselves are already actively used as money. It was then coined the term «banknote», the English banknote literally «Bank record.»

Thomas Jefferson:

Banking institutions are more dangerous than the regular army.

Network of banks grew rapidly, the bankers gained more and more influence and their political and financial activities has not always been in favor of the state currency and the Treasury. In addition, their actions did not always coincide with the interests of the ruling elite that led to the need to regulate private banks.

K. K. Geppert and Pat:

The Central Bank is the Bank through which the state intervenes in the Affairs of private banks, and which, unlike them, he can print the necessary money.

The first Central Bank was the state Bank of Sweden in 1668. Its tasks included conducting monetary policy and issuing national currency.

If to draw an analogy, you can see something similar in the contemporary world. And the most interesting — both then and now, the same cause entails the same consequences. The emergence of private banks was due to the development of the economy and caused the creation of Central banks.

The invention of cryptocurrencies is also a consequence of continuous economic development and cause subsequent attempts to regulate them States as well as work on the creation of a national cryptocurrency.

Jean Paul Getty:

Buy when others are selling and hold until then, until someone wants to buy it. This is not just a slogan. This is the essence of successful investing.

Cryptocurrency lightning spread around the world. And now it will be hard to find someone who has not heard about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining farm mining became common. This success and popularity of bitcoin has earned through unprecedented volatility. For bitcoin it is normal to vary in price by several thousand dollars for just a few hours. Not surprisingly, this feature has attracted investors throughout the globe an opportunity to invest and earn in no time.

Cryptocurrencies are «money of the future», that’s considered by enthusiasts and they were certainly right. Digital currency has great potential. The use of such currencies in any niche is significantly superior to all existing analogues. The practice of using already proved the effectiveness of digital money and enormous popularity— that the economy needs to be in a similar financial instrument.

However, all is not rosy and, in addition to the advantages cryptocurrencies have a number of disadvantages. High volatility just one of them, and it is rather a consequence and root cause of their insecurity. In addition, cryptocurrencies are not technologically capable of working in tandem with the state and practically not amenable to regulation due to full or partial anonymity to users. This resulted in numerous financial frauds, and then, and very severe measures to ban the cryptocurrency and ICO in some countries.

Benjamin Franklin:

The best investment is in knowledge.

Investing in science and technology was popular at all times, and investing in the blockchain has become a real trend of today. The amounts allocated to the development direction, is in the billions and billions of dollars and continue to grow. And the total capitalization of all cryptocurrencies available according to is a few hundred billion dollars. Such active financing gives positive results: the blockchain becomes more perfect, and digital currency get rid of their disadvantages.

Benjamin Graham:

The investor must always act as an investor and not as speculator.

After the massive hype cryptocurrency investors have gained some experience and became more selective in their investments. More attention was paid to peculiarities of technology-based investment projects. Created hundreds of clones of bitcoin ceased to interest investors. The business demanded such currencies more stable, and governments — the possibility of regulation and legal liability.

Such requirements led to the emergence of the first scriptaction, among which are Xaurum and Gold. These financial instruments have security physical resource — gold. It is in storage, and users the hands have a digital confirmation of the right of ownership of a certain amount of gold. Nothing like? True, as in the case of the first banks in which he kept the coins, and in everyday life were bills. The only difference is that the technology of the blockchain allowed to get rid of impractical paper certificates and greatly improved the quality of mutual payments.

Despite all the advantages of scriptactive related to it security and increased stability of the exchange rate, the question of their regulation remains relevant. The use of digital money in business can be extremely convenient and advantageous. However, to conduct legal business in the legal field requires not only more flexible and user-friendly legislative framework, but also a platform for digital currency based on the improved blockchain.

Leonid Sukhorukov:

To spend money wisely, you need to spend money first to mind.

The next stage of development of money heralded the advent of smart contracts. This electronic algorithm running in one with CryptoStream environment. Such a contract can be represented as a record of the terms of the transaction recorded in the blockchain, which will happen automatically. Moreover, the scope of technology smart contracts extends not only to the business sector. Its potential is huge and multiplied by the capacity of the blockchain.

Donald Trump:

There is nothing more criminal to the financial well-being than to come up with a great idea and did not bother to implement it.

One of the first platforms in which was implemented the ability to create and use smart contracts — Ethereum (Vitalik Baleriny developed and launched on the 30th July 2015). Now the core of Ethereum is used by many developers and entrepreneurs to build their blockchain systems and of entire businesses. While the governments of different countries trying to adapt their legislation for introduction in the economy latest financial technology, private business has succeeded in this.

And here it is important not to miss the historic moment when humanity formed an entirely new financial instrument — cryptotest. It requires «living» ecosystem, self-sufficient and self-regulating. Ethereum and its younger, but no less ambitious competitor EOS can be considered cryptoamnesia because the blockchain system is capable of much more than just a transaction. But there is another platform that is different from these two and worth considering in more detail.

Steve Jobs:

Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower.

International Simcord engaged in research activities in the field of development and production of high load software solutions based on the technology of the blockchain and have been for 18 years. In March 2018 the company system was launched Bitbon. It is a multifunctional platform based on the technology of the blockchain, which is based on cryptotunnel Bitbon.

Among the features of the system are: mutual settlement, collective investment through contributing and funding for various business projects. One of the features — the security of the Bitbon real resources. And most important — any activity in this system is subject to the legislation of your state of residence. This is made possible by eliminating the anonymity of users by the procedure of KYC. Consequently, all interactions between them will be legislated.

Napoleon Bonaparte:

Wealth is not in the possession of treasures, but the ability to use them.

Platforms such as Ethereum, EOS does not make the possibility of transactions between users as a priority. The transaction is only a small part of their functionality and purpose they are far higher and more global. A similar approach uses the System Bitbon.

In the future, it is possible to introduce all areas of business and Economics at all levels in a single global Blockchain ecosystem. Thus, the consideration of all available human resources will be contained in the unified public register, updated, and monitored in real-time.

According to forecasts, the use of the blockchain as a registry, and cryptotunnel as the unit of account for resources will allow to achieve increase of efficiency of economy and industry on a global scale from 20 to 60%. This applies, in particular, production and distribution of food, electricity, water and other resources.

Behind the digital currency of the future, no doubt, but to put it more precisely, and as shown by the evolution of forms of money — the future of multifunctional and high-performance platforms based on the basic principles underlying cryptotunnel.

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