The failure of Japanese exchange Zaif allowed the free traders to buy bitcoins

A system error occurred last week in the work of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif, allowed users to make transactions by «buying» bitcoins is completely free. However, to take advantage of this glitch could not be any of the traders.

According to representatives of the exchange, the problem lasted for 20 minutes. During this time, seven users lucky «to get» free bitcoins, but these operations were cancelled immediately after the discovery of the error. One of the lucky ones when it placed an order worth $20 trillion!

Zaif is one of 16 Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, officially unregistered from Japanese regulator the FSA. Just a week ago, the exchange took place series of inspections initiated after hacking Coincheck — incident that would draw more attention to the security of the exchange system on the part of regulators.

Cryptocurrency exchanges Japan, past licensing, intend to create a self-regulatory Association. Earlier plans, which would combine the Japanese cryptocurrency trade Association (JCBA) and the Japanese Association of blockchain was cancelled.

Japan is the first country in the world to introduce the system of control over the cryptocurrency exchanges. This measure, motivated by a desire to protect consumers and prevent illicit trafficking of virtual assets.

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