The FBI is investigating the activities of the company BitConnect

A former investor and promoter of cryptocurrency project BitConnect Trevon James said that the FBI was interested in his participation in the activities of the now closed cryptocurrency company BitConnect. According to James, after 10 days, he should tell about his involvement in BitConnect, but he said that had no information about plans of the company and its road map.

James expects that testimony will be similar to option one and a half hour conversation with FBI agents during which he spoke about his involvement in BitConnect as a user.

«I’m glad I know nothing and there is no evidence that I actually knew something. All these investigations initiated by the Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC). She needs to know whether the activities BitConnect under the securities laws? Can we consider cryptocurrency securities? The Commission is interested in, not my participation in the activities of the company, as a financial pyramid», – said James.

Recall that the cryptocurrency company BitConnect stopped work in January at the request of regulators in two States – Texas and North Carolina. They accused the company of involvement in the sale of unregistered securities tied to digital tokens.

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