The Finance Ministry proposes to limit the sale of tokens ICO and ignore bitcoin

The Ministry of Finance proposes to prohibit the owners issued under the ICO tokens sale in the secondary market, said Deputy Minister Alexei Moiseev.

«We handle ICO essentially as a form of crowdfunding. In the sense that people who participate in the ICO, could pay any currency, including crypto-currency, but will be allowed the momentum of those tokens in any format, except the transfers to the Issuer», – he said.

According to the Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance, therefore, the Agency intends to protect the interests of investors.

«If people, who bought these tokens would take it that he had been deceived, he will have the opportunity with the printout, stamped and signed as now by e-securities, go to court», – said Moiseev.

He also said that in the upcoming bill creating a self-regulating organization (SRO) for the market of cryptocurrencies is not provided.

«I assume the instructions of the President, there is about SRO said nothing. We are now preparing the bill, we have instructed him to submit in December. Of course, we fulfill this Commission, we are actively working with the Central Bank and the State Duma Committee on financial markets, the concept had already been broadly agreed upon,» – said Moiseev.

Deputy Minister of Finance also reported that for the regulation of cryptocurrencies are preparing two bills: one will regulate the cryptocurrency and cash equivalents, and other digital technology, including mining.

Moiseev previously stated that it is planned to establish responsibility for the organization of calculations cryptocurrency – depending on the scale of operations it may be both administrative and criminal. Now it is reported that the Ministry of Finance has no plans to introduce penalties for the citizens for the purchase of bitcoins.

«It bitcoin handling is not expected. Nothing about them will not write. If they will be used for the purchase and sale of works, goods and services on the territory of the Russian Federation, but we will see as money substitutes. If people just bought and bought and bought. We don’t punish and don’t protect them», – summed up the mosaic.

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