The financial experts of UK expect the growth of cryptocurrencies

A new survey among financial experts in the UK shows that more than half of those who invested in cryptocurrencies (56%), plan to buy more amount of cryptocoins this year. Despite the ongoing market decline, only 8% of respondents intend to sell their digital currency. The majority of investors – 54% think the price of cryptocurrencies will continue to grow in the next 12 months.

According to a survey by Citigate Dewe Rogerson, only 32% of respondents predict a decrease cost. Another 31% plan to save or sell some of their scriptaction, and only 8% are going to get rid of all their coins. These findings are drawn from the online survey, which was attended by 146 financial experts in the UK.

The authors of the report
«The perception of the investor: cryptocurrency» say that 32% of respondents expect a sharp rise in prices of cryptocurrencies by 2021. Another 18% predict a small increase. And only 28% of respondents believe that the value of digital assets will decline.

«Many cryptocurrencies have shown a steep rise in prices along with increased volatility,» said Phil Anderson (Phil Anderson), President of Citigate Dewe Rogerson. «Appeared cryptocurrency millionaires, but many other investors lost money. Despite volatility and price fluctuations, our research shows that many financial professionals remain optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies».

Anderson also noted that at the beginning of the year, the market capitalization of crypto-currencies was around $ 800 billion. «More than half of professionals in the field of Finance (59%) expect that by 2021 it will exceed $ 1 trillion, and 15% predict that it will grow to 2 trillion dollars,» he said. Only 19% believe that the market will decrease and that the market capitalization is below $ 800 billion.

In addition, most respondents believe that the pressure regulators on the industry will grow in the next two years – this was stated by 62% of respondents. Despite this, 22% of the experts think that the use of digital currencies for payments and remittances will increase dramatically. 48% predict growth of the market in the next five years. Phil Anderson says:

«Whatever future was in store for the cryptocurrency market, one thing is certain — it will continue to attract billions of dollars, appear in the media and heated debates about his fate».

The majority of respondents believe that large companies will benefit the most. More than two thirds of respondents said that large firms increase their cryptocurrency reserves in the next three years. 68% believe that corporations will be tempted to use cryptocurrencies together with smart contracts and other block chain applications. About 54% of respondents believe that more companies will use cryptocurrency for fundraising. While 44% of financial experts expect a serious proliferation of the technology of the blockchain, and 33% believe that it will be more moderate.

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