The first batch of AntMiner A3 sold out in a few hours, AntPool begins mining Siacoin

AntPool, one of the largest mining pools, announced the start of mining cryptocurrencies Siacoin (SIA), working on the consensus algorithm of Blake2b. The project Siacoin created by Boston startup Nebulous to support its decentralized cloud storage.

Start mining another cryptocurrency company Bitmain, which owns AntPool, was timed to begin production of a new ASIC miner AntMiner A3, respectively, is suitable for algorithm 2b Blake.

The first batch (batch) Antminer A3 was sold out within a few hours after opening. This is not surprising, since the appearance of the production of ASIC for the algorithm, which was earlier supported only mine on graphics cards, meaning impressive returns for those miners who get it first to run your ASIC.

The new AntMiner A3 is equipped with three circuit Board 60 of the chip, its hash rate — 815GH/s and power consumption is 1275Вт. The energy efficiency of the device — 1.56 /MH/s, and its yield currently amounts to more than $ 500 a day. The price of a new miner – 2 $ 375 (as well as for other products, Bitmain, payment is only BCH). Thus, even taking into account shipping costs and PSU, this miner will pay for itself in just a week.

Of course, not everything is so rosy — the first batch Antminer A3, depending on its size, «disperse» the complexity of mining in SIA a few times, and return the second and subsequent batches will again be measured in months.

Therefore, not everyone cheered the news that before ASIC miners fell another algorithm. One of the representatives of the community Siacoin under the name Taek42 claimed
on Reddit that Bitmain can put their profits above the interests of the environment Sia. He added that the Sia algorithm of mining can be changed to protected from ASIC, but this would require carrying softforce.

However, other community members optimistic about the future:

«Once Bitmain starts selling miner for Sia, it will favorably affect the price of the coin and help it to spread,» wrote Reddit user JoWi96.

Also, in the near future we can expect the emergence of ASIC-miner algorithm for related Blake 14r, its the main cryptocurrency Decred (DCR).

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