The first ICO in the «regulatory sandbox» of the Bank of Russia may take place in early 2018

The head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov on the sidelines of the meeting of the expert Board of the Bank told journalists that the first launch of ICO projects in the framework of the «regulatory sandboxing», organized by the Central Bank, could take place in 2018.

«In December, should be created a «sandbox», there is such an order. Central Bank and the government should create. And on the basis of this «sandbox» to begin the procedure ICO. As far as I know, several projects are already there, ready to be realized. I hope that early next year the process will go,» he said.

Aksakov explained that the development of legislation and launching projects at the ICO during the testing will go hand in hand.

«That is the test, primarily the ICO, although there is a legislative registration of this process», — said Aksakov.

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