The first international Forum of Armenian Blockchain will take place on 22 April in Yerevan

On 22 April in Yerevan with the support of the government of the Republic of Armenia will host the first international Forum of Armenian Blockchain.

Armenian Blockchain Forum is a educational platform to unite the practices of leading companies, professionals and entrepreneurs, to create favorable conditions for the development of technology companies.

The forum will be opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Karen Karapetyan.

The main issues to be discussed by leading industry experts:

  • Blockchain in business: how new technologies can help to earn more

  • Alternative investments: how to raise funds for the ICO

  • Digital regulation: how to regulate decentralized technologies

  • Cryptocurrency dreams: how much will bitcoin tomorrow

  • International conferences, hackathons and business-marathons aimed at finding new solutions

  • Educational courses

  • Mentoring programs for exchange of experience in the IT industry

The forum will comprise four sections:

Main hall. On the main forum will include representatives of the largest companies in the blockchain market and members of the government of the Republic of Armenia. Key speakers will tell about prospects of development and application technology of the blockchain in the business.

Education Hall. Lectures of technical experts on the blockchain, AI, machine and deep learning about the prospects of the market development and application of the latest developments of the industry in business.

Road show Hall. In this section a number of ICO projects selected by the curators of the forum, will hold a closed presentation of projects to investors and representatives of investment funds.

Press center. Area to conduct the interview, exchange of opinions and formation of professional community.

Speakers ABF — recognized industry experts, representatives of the largest companies and government agencies: Bryant Nielson, Executive Director of The Blockchain Academy and CapitalWave Inc.; Vlad Martynov, member of the expert Council, Ethereum; Nick Spanos, the Founder of Blockchain Technologies Corp.; Sergey Sergienko, founder Chronobank.

More detailed information is available on the website.

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