The forks forks: briefly about Litecoin Cash (LCC) and MoneroV (XMV)

Dozens of clones of the bitcoin blockchain, which had begun to run last fall and continue to appear until now, left aside and other popular cryptocurrencies. But in this direction the initiative is evident much less.

At the moment popularest got two fork alithinou: Litecoin Cash (LCC) and MoneroV (XMV). Despite the fact that the community is already beginning to tire from the endless forks, not bringing anything new, each of them still awakens in speculative interest, as every owner of a cryptocurrency will not refuse to receive «something for nothing», and in the early days these ppl were traded actively. But if they have a future?

Litecoin Cash (LCC)

As recently as the night of February 19 the unit 1371111 held hardfor the Litecoin – Litecoin Cash (LCC). The development team fork has already released the wallet and a copy of the blockchain to download. Every LTC owner can get 10 times more coins LCC.

Mining LCC will be implemented in the SHA-256 algorithm, creating a block is similar to the original 2.5 minutes, and the difficulty adjusted after each block. Other significant differences from the original LCC will bring.

In spite of wide media campaign, similar to the mass madness around already depreciated fork Segwit2X, LCC are unlikely to have a long life. Many already believe that this fork will not spread beyond the speculative grounds, and some (including Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee)) I advise to stay away from him.

At the moment on the website of the LCC already had the purse and the copy of the blockchain for quick download and open trade on multiple exchanges — the collectors doubtful alithinou, the largest of which Yobit. During the first day the LCC price soared to $9, which for unknown fork can already be called a great result, but begins to decline gradually, therefore, wish to make it should hurry with the «posting» of coins.

MoneroV (XMV)

You will create a fork and an anonymous cryptocurrency Monero. March 14, 2018, for unit 1529810, from the network Department Monero fork MoneroV (XMV).

According to statements of developers of the project, MoneroV become «the best private digital currency in the world,» which will feature «a high level of confidentiality,» and will solve problems of scale. There is a complete set of promises, we offer you similar projects.

According to those same developers, the problem is Monero unlimited emissions that will lead it to inflation and depreciation. MoneroV will be issued in the amount of 256 million, and all holders of XMR after the fork will get coins XMV in the ratio of 1 to 10.

However, in cryptosuite new hardwork was accepted without enthusiasm. Users of the website Reddit, which has studied the White Paper MoneroV, note that the only difference from XMV XMR remains only a limited issue. Many in the community believe that the fork won’t have a lot of popularity, and others just called project common fraud. But, like most of his counterparts, this fork may temporarily stay afloat and please the holders of Monero another gift coins.

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